Monday, January 9, 2012

Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

Mirissa is a small beach town and a fishing port located on the Southern tip of Sri Lanka. The warm Indian Ocean is the only thing between you and the next large land mass, the continent of Antarctica or Africa.

Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka and your most likely entry point onto the Island unless you are swimming is about 150 km North West. This translated into roughly a 3-4 hour trip by road depending on traffic and how insane your driver is.
Mirissa Beach is sandwiched between the towns of Welligama and Matara and it is about 35 KM or 1 hour South of the fort city of Galle by bus.
Mirissa and its breathtaking sandy beach pretty much transforms your dreams and visions of a tropical paradise into an everyday reality.

Located close to the Southern tip of the Island of Sri Lanka and only about 200 km from the Equator, this secluded crescent shaped beach is the perfect place to sit back, relax and forget about all the hussle and bussle of your other life that’s a million miles away.

This small sandy tropical beach boasts some of Sri Lanka’s best and most stunning sunsets and sunrises.
All the Guest Houses in Mirissa are set back from the actual beach giving you the impression that you are on a deserted palm fringed island. Every now and again the silence is broken by the sound of a coconut falling on the sand or a chilled beer being opened by someone further up the beach.

Mirissa Beach is rapidly becoming a popular Surfer hangout during the months of November to March when it’s the rainy season on the East coast.
For some reason Mirissa Beach is well known to the Japanese Surfers .

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sri Lanka's rivers

There are 103 rivers and streams with most flowing from the upcountry mountains of Sri Lanka. The longest is the Mahaweli. It starts its 333 km journey near Adam’s Peak and finds its way into the Indian Ocean at Koddiyar Bay at Trincomalee. It is the only perennial river to cross the dry Zone. Sri Lanka’s perennial rivers are called Ganga,and other streams are called Oya in Sinhala or Aru in Tamil. A number of rivers have now been developed both for irrigation and power. The Victoria power project on Mahavali Ganga is one of the largest in Asia. The other power projects are Kothmale, Rantambe and Randenigala on the Mahaveli river.
Kala - Oya starts from Kalawewa Reservoir built in the 5th Century.
Other rivers which are over 100 Kms long:
Name of River Length
Mahaweli Ganga 335 km
Aruvi Aru 164 km
Kala Oya 148 km
Kelani Ganga 145 km
Yan Oya 142 km
Deduru Oya 142 km
Walawe Ganga 138 km
Maduru Oya 135 km
Maha Oya 134 km
Kalu Ganga 129 km
Kirindi Oya 117 km
Kumbukkan Oya 116 km
Menik Oya 114 km
Gin Ganga 113 km
Mi Oya 109 km
Gal Oya 108 km


The Mahaweli River is a 335 km long river, ranking as the longest river in Sri Lanka. Its drainage basin is the largest in the country, and covers almost one-fifth of the total area of the island. The river reaches the Bay of Bengal on the southwestern side of Trincomalee Bay. The bay includes the first of number submarine canyons, making Trincomalee one of the finest deep-sea harbors in the world. The river and its tributaries are dammed at several locations to allow irrigation in the dry zone, Production of hydroelectricity from six dams of the Mahaweli system supplies more than 40% of Sri Lanka's electricity needs. One of the many sources of the river is the Kotmale Oya.


The Kelani River is 145 km Long River in Sri Lanka. Ranking as the fourth longest river in the country, it stretches from the Sri Pada Mountain Range to Colombo. It covers approximately 80% of the water supply to Colombo. In addition to that, the river is used for transport, fisheries, sewage disposal, sand mining and for production of hydroelectricity. Due to these, many people depend on the river for their daily routine in life.
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Asian Photography – October 2011

Asian Photography – October 2011
English | PDF | 100 pages | 53.7 Mb

India’s premier photography Business to Consumer (B to C) publication, devoted to photography both in the professional and amateur segments… with a very high monthly circulation and is patronized by the entire industry including advertisers like
Kodak, Fuji, Agfa, Canon, Nikon, Olympus and all major players. This publication is 15 year old.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Travel + Leisure (Southeast Asia) - November 2011

Travel + Leisure (Southeast Asia) - November 2011

English | HQ PDF | 136 pages | 99.4 Mb
Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia is the regional edition of the world’s biggest—and most trusted—travel magazine brand. Every month, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia inspires its readers to experience stunning adventures; explore cutting-edge hotels, spas, shopping and more; and travel in sensational style, armed with hands-on, up-to-date, accurate and practical travel information. A chic, stylish and authoritative guide for today’s traveler within Asia and beyond, Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia is the must-read guide to all that Asia has to offer. Download Links

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